Temple Of A Thousand Lights

Magic Panda

Design for Magic Panda's forthcoming full-length release Temple of a Thousand Lights. Magic Panda is Jamie Robson – a lo-fi electronic music producer from the distant and mystic hinterland of Norfolk, UK, specialising in melancholic, ethereal soundscapes and uplifting fairy tale anthems.
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Bombay Company

w/ H2D2

Development of website concept, design, execution and styleguide for the e-commerce venture
of the Bombay Company while at H2D2.*

*Note: Website has not been realized as intended.
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Tiny Creature


Artwork for electronic musician Cex's album Tiny Creature. I illustrated different faces for the individual panels of the CD sleeve, portraying a succession of tiny creatures that lead through this miniature synthetic opera. Responsible for design, illustration, pre-press and project management

Yellow Fever

Hakan Lidbo

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Mein Gutes Beispiel

Aperto Plenum

Unternehmen für die Region is an iniative of the Bertelsmann Stiftung, founded in 2007. The microsite for Mein Gutes Beispiel praises and awards corporate social responsibility of small and medium-sized enterprises that are active within their region.
 Designed microsite, digital and printed sign-up forms, printed flyer and logo refinement.


Kid606 & Jesse Quattro

Design for Outside by electronic musician Kid606 and vocalist Jesse Quattro, released on Tigerbeat6.
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w/ H2D2

While at H2D2 I helped redesign online fashion store yalook.com (Fashionworld GmbH — A member of the otto group). Tasks included designing weekly fashion reports, various landing pages, regular homepage updates and various newsletter designs. Work included project management tasks and client communication, as well as front-end programming.
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Team Europe

Work for ChicChickClub included various designs for newsletter campaigns, homepage updates
and adaptations, as well as copywriting (art direction and concept by K. Coen & S. Grüner).


Electronic Record Label

Anticipating its 10th anniversary in 2011, now Berlin-based (mostly) electronic record label Tigerbeat6 needed a logo redesign. Drawing inspiration from Japanese anime characters and typography, the redesigned label’s trademark cat reflects a cute and iconic nature.
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